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The Leftovers: Michelle’s Picks


A typical KO screen from Scott Pilgrim: The Game

Not every game we love makes it into the WingDamage top 10. Some of them just don’t have enough unanimous support. These are what we like to call “The Leftovers.”

As the only British contributor to WingDamage, my top 10 choices feel a little eclectic.

They’re a mixture of imports, big names and under-appreciated titles, mixed with a few games that only just graced Europe’s shores in 2010.

I feel a little behind, but the extra wait (in more than a few instances) was definitely worth it.



Familiarity as a Gaming Mechanic


A screenshot from Final Fantasy 7; Cloud waits outside Aeris' house

Despite the growing list of new games coming out each year, we all have our personal gaming favourites that we return to time and time again.

There are some some obvious reasons for returning to classic games, but the aspect of “gaming familiarity” is gaining momentum: as development teams are taking tested and successful gameplay elements and using them as a format to improve experiences in a brand new game.



In the Glow of the Screen: The Perception of Gamers


Hundreds of gaming screenshots in a mosaic shape

The moment I first picked up a controller, I knew games were for me, firstly because of the way that solid black and red joystick fit snugly into my hands, and then the way the console pumped out those crunchy Atari melodies. My first experience with a video game was a sensory one. Enjoying this new experience, I basked in the frame of my TV for hours, transfixed in equal parts of awe and wonder. I was four years old and over 20 years later very little has changed.



Our Gaming Tastes


Our Gaming Tastes

My game playing habits are based on one key principle; a very good understanding of my gaming tastes and what they involve. Put simply I know the style or type of games that I’m likely to enjoy in the future based on the knowledge of the games I’ve loved before.

Varied game tastes help to sustain the thriving gaming community that we’re all a part of. Ultimately our differences and shared passions are what bring us together or fire up discussion, to me – and many others – those agreements and disagreements help to offer new and changing perspectives on games I wouldn’t have looked twice at before.


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