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Barrel Roll! #144 – “Abraham Lincoln: Master Assassin”


On this, the one-hundred and forty-fourth entry in the annals of podcast history, we travel back to do the days of Templars and Assassins fighting over their various creeds. And who can rise up and rule them all? Only one man is brave enough. Only one man is cunning enough. Only one man has top hat enough to accomplish his goals.

This week, Jonah, Jesse, and Adam come together to discuss their likes and dislikes of Super Mario 3D Land, and even spend some time in Bowser’s Zen Garden. Adam goes back to one of his favorite series of this generation with Assassin’s Creed Revelations and gives us the breakdown of the changes from the last game. Jonah, living in the past once again, has been playing a bunch of Ticket to Ride. That’s a German board game from 2004, which shows you how hip that guy is. Jesse tries desperately to bring us back into the future with his initial impressions of Mario Kart 7 and the Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony DLC.

We are joined once again by our “Let’s Play Together” segment, where both Jesse and Jonah have thrown their hats into the modern warfare combat simulator, Battlefield 3. It’s unique take on the military shooter genre has sucked them in even more so than the last entry in the genre they cared about, Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

There is also a hearty discussion of the Vita and its memory card pricing reveal and the upcoming North American release of Xenoblade Chronicles. All of that plus a lot more on Barrel Roll #144, “Abraham Lincoln: Master Assassin”.



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Middle Song – “Two Excellent Italian Siblings (Super Mario 2)” by Armcannon


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One Response to “Barrel Roll! #144 – “Abraham Lincoln: Master Assassin””

  1. December 6th, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Jesse Gregory says:

    Just a heads up, Adam’s audio quality keeps going back and forth on one part of the show, but it fixes itself.

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