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Barrel Roll! #145 – “Sensationalist Journalism”


We’ve finally decided to throw in the towel and become a full on tabloid rag. Think of all the awesome hits we could pull in with sensationalist headlines like “Nintendo is Over!”, “Miyamoto Quits All Games!”, and “Video Games Kills Kittens!”. We would be rolling in the fat stacks of cash. But alas, we were too busy playing video games to sensationalize headlines about them.

This week on the show, Jonah and Jesse and joined by Rockin’ Android’s own Adam Milecki for some in-depth talk of Demon’s Souls and why Adam is so addicted to it. Jonah has been playing baby games, specifically Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure on both the PS3 and 3DS. Jesse gives us an look into what makes Mario Kart 7 a worthwhile entry in the series and to your 3DS library. Jonah and Adam talk about Blocks that Matter and what it is that matters about them. Adam has also given Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony a try and gives us his thoughts.

There wasn’t much of note hitting shelves this week, so we delve right into the news to talk about what Miyamoto’s recent announcement regarding his position at Nintendo could potentially mean, Capcom getting into the doujin localization market, The Old Republic early access, and much more. All of this plus more sensationalist journalism than you can wave a batboy at on Barrel Roll #145, “Sensationalist Journalism”.



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