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Barrel Roll! #146 – “Doughnut Drake and the Golden Corral”


This week on the show, Jonah and Jesse are joined by Mike Bachmann of “A Fistful of Pixels” fame. It’s a rollicking good time filled with unicorns, laser swords and doughnuts. In our “What We’ve Been Playing” segment, Jonah has had The Old Republic sink its claws deep inside his tender flesh with its early access program. He did break away long enough to give Ghost Trick a try, but only just.

Jesse gives us an in-depth look at Nano Assault and a quick rundown of all the GBA games that were released as part of the 3DS ambassador program. Mike only plays the latest of jams, like Animal Crossing City Folk and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you were looking for tips on how to get mad stacks of bells by becoming a fruit farmer, look no further.

At the break, Jesse shares his latest song, “WHICH ONE DO I SHOOT?!“, created for the latest sleep crushing remix gauntlet he is participating in. We also talk Pokemon crossovers and cool things Japan gets that we don’t. All this and more on Barrel Roll #146, “Doughnut Drake and the Golden Corral”.



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