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Barrel Roll! #113 – “Dr. Science’s Fun-Time Jamboree”


Tonight, on a very special episode of Barrel Roll! A Videogame Podcast, Jonah has gone missing and it’s up to Jesse, Adam, and their rag tag crew of Mega Man Network staff to fill in the gaps.

Listen as the group recalls Art Alive! (the SEGA equivalent of Mario Paint) and geeks out about Mega Man Legends 3. You’ll also hear discussion of the design philosophies of 3D Mario games and a riveting discussion of Third Person Sworders, all while managing to bring up Falkor again.

In “What we’ve been playing,” Andy tells us how to be the most powerful laser shooting elephant in the world in Elephant Quest, Adam takes down soldiers with Two Lances Jackson in Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, and Jesse beats thugs senseless with a bicycle in Yakuza 4. Oh… and I guess Portal 2 came out which everybody played. Don’t worry. We didn’t spoil your precious portals.



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