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Mega Man 9: Back in Blue Available For Free Download


Video game music is a staple around the WingDamage offices. Especially considering our very own Main Finger is known to remix it from time to time. We’re also pretty big Mega Man fans, as evidenced by the fact that two of our regulars also write for The Mega Man Network.

If you are like us in this regard, then good news! OverClocked ReMix just released a brand new Mega Man 9 themed album, Mega Man 9: Back in Blue. It contains 18 tracks of remixed goodness from the likes of Sixto Sounds, bLiNd, Joshua Morse and our very own Jesse “Main Finger” Gregory.

It was a long time in the making, and lot of blood, sweat and robo-tears went into its creation. So much so that a sequel game came out before this album was able to. So the only question left is, what are you waiting for? Go download it now!



Barrel Roll! Bonus Episode 4 – The Pre-PAX Shortcast


Barrel Roll! Bonus Episode 4 - The Pre-PAX Shortcast

Whats this? A new Barrel Roll!? But we just HAD one! Well, loyal super fans, we here at WingDamage are going to fatten you up with an extra helping of podcast fixins. It’s our way of making sure you stay entertained since the upcoming PAX-stravaganza could potentially upset our schedules.



Music Review: Mega Ran 9

Mega Ran 9 Music Review

"This blue bomba' brings head trauma"

Let me preface this review by saying one thing: I am not normally a fan of adding lyrics to videogame remixes. That was before Random came along.

Half teacher, half musician, Random already had a much more serious rap album under his belt before deciding to share his love of Mega Man using his music. This is one of the things that I feel helps set him apart from the other artists labeled as “nerdcore”.


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