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Game Music Goes Co-Op with Stemage’s Marble Madness Album


Stemage - Where Good Marbles Go To Die (Marble Madness)Grant Henry, known in the music scene as Stemage, really made a name for himself among game music enthusiasts when he created Metroid Metal. From there, the solo project turned into a full band production with the album Varia Suite.

With each release, Stemage showed an ever increasing mastery of metal performance and arrangement. After a few non-Metroid projects including a collection of Grandia II tracks and an original album focusing on rhythm guitar, Stemage returns with a slew of guest performers to bring us Where Good Marbles Go To Die.

The album features seven arrangements from the underappreciated gem, Marble Madness, each featuring a different guest artist.  This rotating roster of contributors gives the album a nice sense of variety while still grounding itself with Stemage’s consistent vision.

You can name your price for the digital album. But if you throw five or more dollars down, you can get a limited edition cassette tape. Don’t worry, you will still get instant access to the digital album in addition to the nostalgic novelty of an obsolete medium. You can find both versions of Where Good Marbles Go To Die right now by rolling on over to Bandcamp.



Barrel Roll! Episode #31 – “Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels”


captain_caveman and the teen angels

Do you guys remember Captain Caveman?

On a very special thirty-first episode of “Barrel Roll! A Video Game Podcast”, Wes asks that thought provoking question. Sadly, we are too busy talking about PAX Pox, our first PAX giveaway, and random gaming nonsense to pay it much attention.


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