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Barrel Roll! #147 – “I’m Just So Tired of All These Star Wars”


This week on the show, Jonah is shocked to his very core when Jesse not only tried an MMO, but actually enjoyed it! That’s right, we are talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic, just like every other show out there.

But don’t worry, we diversify. We aren’t content being stuck in some intergalactic rut. No, my friends, we also take a look at Mighty Switch Force. Oh, other shows mentioned that one as well? What about Mega Man X for iOS? Adam’s got your back. You want a little Monster Tale action for the DS players out there? We got that, too. Jonah and Adam have also been playing the 3DS eShop exclusive Pushmo and think you should probably go buy it.

Not to be outdone talking digital content, Jesse has a special Game Music Roundup section of the show where he talks about the Mighty Switch Force OST from Virt, “Super Meat Boy: Choice Piano Cuts“, “Wild Arms: Armed and Dangerous” and the new release from Bad Dudes, “Metroid Arrange 25th Anniversary Album“. There is a lot of awesome stuff you should be checking out and the breakdown of why is here on this, the Barrel Roll podshow. It’s episode one-hundred and forty-seven, “I’m Just So Tired of All These Star Wars”.

Middle Song – “DiggiDis – Spikes are Everywhere [Super Metroid - Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area]



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