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Barrel Roll! #51 – “Dude, Where’s My Pizza Cats?”



On a very special fifty-first episode of “Barrel Roll! A Video Game Podcast”, we are joined by Rebel FM podcaster extraordinaire, Tyler Barber.  He tells us all about his history as a gamer and how he got started podcasting about games.

In what we’ve been playing, there is discussion of Mass Effect 2, in which any spoilers are very carefully avoided. We also talk about the adorable indie game, Toki Tori, Wes’s completion of The Saboteur, the surprisingly good Tatsunoko VS Capcom (which has a disturbing lack of pizza related cats), the sadly disappointing Dark Void, and DS JRPG WTFBBQ Sands of Destruction. Wes also tells tales of more junk for the iPhone.


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