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Impostor Nostalgia Runs Big Giant Circles Around Chiptune Music


Imposter NostalgiaBig Giant Circles (who you may know as Jimmy Hinson, co-composer of Mass Effect 2) has just released his debut album and it is a doozy. While it may not be video game music in the strictest sense, Impostor Nostalgia features heavy use of 8-bit chip sounds combined with modern electronica inspired by classic video games.

Not enough of a gaming connection for you? It also guest stars other video game composers including C418 (Minecraft), Souleye (VVVVVV), Disasterpeace (FEZ), Alex Brandon (Deus Ex), Mick Gordon (Need for Speed Shift), and zircon (Monkey Island 2: Special Edition).

It’s almost criminal that he only asks $4 for this 20 track prescription for happiness. Fortunately, the album is available on Bandcamp so you can throw as much extra money at him as you want to more closely match the quality of the album. Seriously. It’s really good.


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